Our schedule for the New Year is live!

January 2019 Schedule.jpg

Class Descriptions:

  • Salsa Basics: This class is designed for the absolute beginner. No partner OR experience necessary. You’ll start with the basics and work on different partner work each class. Most people take 4-6 Basics classes before moving up to another level.

  • Salsa 2/3: The next step after Salsa Basics, once you’ve got a handle on the basics (right turns, cross body leads, left turns and hair combs), you’re ready to go beyond basics and work on more complex footwork and partner work.

  • Salsa 4: This is the highest level Salsa class we offer and is an intermediate/advanced level. People usually find they can keep up after 3 or 4 months of consistent lower level classes.

  • Bachata Basics: This class introduces the fundamentals of Bachata, a sensual partner dance from the Dominican Republic. Bachata is played at all of our socials and at most other dance events around town.

  • Sensual Bachata: This is our intermediate/advanced Bachata class and works on more complex leading and following and sensual movement. We’ll cover turn patterns, body movement (body rolls, neck rolls, waves, etc) and dips.

  • Kizomba Basics: People in Latin dance scenes worldwide are dancing Kizomba…it emphasizes close connection, well-executed lead and follow and improvisation. We’ll work on the fundamentals of this style in this class.

  • Shines and Styling: When you’re dancing with a partner and you break off to do your own thing, that’s called “shining.” This class will give you moves and combos to use when you’re on your own as well as go over styling (what to do with your arms), technique and body movement. It’s also a great workout!

  • Performance Team Footwork Challenge: This is an intensive eight-week Performance Team that will be focused solely on footwork…no partner work in this piece of choreography. You’ll learn an intermediate/advanced routine and perform it at our February Salsa social and for a special in-studio video shoot. Performance team fee is $129/month and includes rehearsals, unlimited group classes, Salsa Sundays and basic costume elements.

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