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Hit the stage in all it’s glitzy, glammy, Salsa-tastic glory!

During this 9-week course, you’ll learn, polish and perform a piece of Salsa partner work choreography for the Holy City Salsa Summer Showcase + Social on May 27, as well as 1-2 additional performance dates TBA soon!

We’ll meet every week on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm at Holy City Salsa Dance Studio beginning March 28. Studio-to-Stage participants will also get free entrance to Holy City Salsa's Salsa Sunday in April, FREE access to the studio for extra practice time (based on studio/staff availability), and a Holy City Salsa shoe bag ($85+ value in extras).

The session is $175 total, 2 payments of $90 (first due on or before March 28, 2nd due April 25th) or 3 payments of $60. 

(If you're registering online and do the full event, use discount code Welcome5 to get the $175 price).

All registrants who pay in full will receive a free Holy City Salsa t-shirt ($15 value).

Session fee INCLUDES performance fee for the Showcase on May 27, including dress/tech rehearsals and entrance to the social after the showcase. 

Session fee does NOT include entrance to additional performance opportunities or costumes/shoes. Additional performance opportunities are optional.

If students miss more than 2 classes during the course, they may be taken out of formations and not allowed to perform.

Students are responsible for purchasing their own costumes and shoes.

Women will wear dance shoes (preferably nude/tan heels) and this:https://www.amazon.com/Vijiv-Womens-Adjustable-Gradient-Sequin/dp/B01LWLYS66/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1520977193&sr=8-3&keywords=women%27s+salsa+dress

Men will wear black pants, black shoes, black button-down long-sleeve shirts (rolled up to the elbow) and red ties.

There is a registration minimum for this class to happen— six students must be registered and have made a payment by March 25 or the class will be cancelled and all deposits will be refunded. You can purchase tickets HERE.