Have you always felt like there’s a Salsa star in you just waiting to get out and take over the dance floor? No matter where you are, we have classes to help you Unleash Your Inner Salsa Star.

All Salsa Classes run as four-week series and you get the most out of it if you take the whole series. The next four week series begins the week of August 8.

Salsa Basics

Two left feet? No problem! In the Salsa Basics series, you start with the very beginning steps of Salsa and work through basic turns, cross body leads, and simple combos. No partner OR experience necessary.

Salsa Beyond Basics I

The next class in the Salsa series, this builds on what you’ve learned on basics and progresses into more complex partnerwork and footwork. The emphasis is on cross body lead progressive turns and variations and combos using CBL turns. No partner needed, Basics or equivalent knowledge recommended.

Salsa Beyond Basics II

Continue on your journey to Unleash Your Inner Salsa Star. The syllabus rotates every month and continues to build on CBL progressive turns/variations. Materials covered include cross body lead turn stops, hammerlocks, copas, moving on and off the line of dance, baskets, slingshots, etc.


Everyone has a Bachata God/Goddess inside of them that is just waiting to hit the dance floor and show off their sexy moves.

That sounds good but help! What IS bachata?

Bachata is a sensual partner dance that originated in the Dominican Republic and is popular at Latin dance clubs and events.

Sounds hot, sign me up!

Bachata classes are best enjoyed as four-week series, but may be taken as stand alone classes. The next four-week series begins the week of August 8.

Bachata Basics

This class will give you all the tools you need to connect with your partner on the dance floor and sucessfullly dance bachata. Emphasis is on connection, variations of the bachata basic, moving around the dance floor, and simple turns and patterns. No partner OR experience necessary.

Bachata Beyond Basics

Build on what you learned in Bachata basics and progress to the next level– more intricate partnerwork, footwork, musicality, dips, body rolls, etc. No partnere necessary, but Bachata Basics knowledge recommended.

Sensual Bachata

The mac-daddy of Bachata classes at Holy City Salsa, this takes all of the Bachata Basics and Beyond Basics moves and concepts and adds a quadruple dose of sexy. Warning: you must be comfortable with other people in your personal space for this class. Learn to dominate the Bachata dance floor with the moves from this class! No partnere necessary, Bachata Basics Beyond Basics or equivalent knowledge recommended.


Kizomba is a partner dance that originated in Angola, and is most similar to Argentine Tango. This dance is ALL about connection and will up your leading/following game in all other dance styles.

Kizomba classes are best enjoyed as four-week series. The next four-week series starts the week of August 8.

Kizomba Basics

Start from the ground up! Learn the basic steps, principles of leading and following, and simple combos. No partner OR experience required!

Kizomba Beyond Basics

Build on your basic steps and learn more intricate partnerwork, footwork, combinations, styling and musicality. Undulate undulate! No parrtner required, Basics or equivalent level knowledge recommended.

Latin Burlesque

This class is ALL about connecting with the music and yourself to have you leaving feeling sexy and confident. Simple Salsa and Latin dance steps are combined with a whole bunch of ATTITUDE so you can strut your stuff! Begin with a juicy stretching and body isolation warm up and then learn a short combo that will make you feel like a goddess when you’re done!

This is a stand alone, all levels class. Each week will be a different combo, so come whenever! Wear comfy clothes and bare feet or jazz/ballet flats.

Baila Barre

Latin cardio ballet-inspired toning juicy stretching come together for a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout.

During this dance fitness class, you’ll move, sweat, and leave feeling energized and ready to continue with your day! Wear comfy clothes, athletic shoes, and bring a yoga mat if you have one.

Salsa Contemporanea

This class combines contemporary/lyrical dance with Latin dance. The class begins with a warmup that focuses on fluidity, flexibility, and control, then breaks down elements of contemporary/modern dance, and ends with learning a short combination.

Every week is a new combo and this class stands alone, so come to dance out all of your feels. Wear comfy clothes and bare feet or ballet/jazz flats.

Technique & Conditioning

Take your dancing to the next level.

To look like a dancer, you have to train like a dancer. This class combines a dance workout (core/flexibility/balance) with breaking down elements of technique. Improve your control, body movement, turns, arm styling, frame, and more with this class.

This is a standalone class that focuses on different elements each week. Wear comfy clothes and dance shoes.


These courses run in 8+-week sessions and give you the opportunity to learn, polish, and perform a piece of original choreography. Improve your dance style and skills, increase muscle memory, challenge yourself, and make new friends!

Each session is jam-packed with choreography and styling tips and builds upon the last session. In order to respect your classmates time and dedication, if you miss more than one class without making it up, you may be asked to step out of the formations and not perform.

If you want to learn the choreography but not perform, that’s ok! Just let the instructor know prior to the first session so she can adjust formations accordingly.

Studio-to-Stage classes are two payments of $75, plus a one-time performance fee of $20. You are responsible for your own costuming, but the choreographer selects costumes that are easy to put toether from items you may already have in your closet.

New Intermediate Co-Ed and Advanced Ladies groups will begin in August, exact dates TBD.