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 We have a special week of classes right before we close for the holidays, check out the schedule here!

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All "basics" classes are suitable for beginners.

Click HERE for the interactive schedule and to register for classes.

How the Holy City Salsa System Works:
We recommend new dancers begin with a Salsa Basics class. Each Salsa Basics class begins with a review of the fundamentals and then works on different moves and combos. The classes stand alone and cover different material each week, so you can start at any time and you can stay in a level for as long as you like. 
You can supplement your learning in group classes with private lessons to solidify your technique, get extra practice, and learn new steps and styles. 
As always, email or call us during office hours, Monday-Thursday 5:30-8 pm at 843.323.8965 for more info!

Doing what you love with an awesome group of people! Fantastic instructor! Georgia is a delight
— Jessica M.
You helped me find my spin balance again. I can do tripples and quads on my own now. It is so nice. I honestly thought that I couldn’t do it because the muscles were gone. You are amazing!
— Maria D.