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Frequently Asked Questions:

I want to take Salsa classes...how do I get started?

We recommend all beginners attend a full Salsa Basics Four-Week Series or attend a Salsa Basics Bootcamp to get a rock solid Salsa foundation. We run our four-week series every month, with new sessions beginning the first week of every month. Check out our Salsa Basics page for upcoming series start dates and to register. 

Please note: The four-week series are progressive classes, meaning each class builds on the week prior to it. There is a substantial review every week, but if you have no prior dance experience and join during Week 3 or Week 4, it may be a little overwhelming!

I don't have anyone to take class with me...do I need a partner?

Absolutely not! Group classes rotate partners every few minutes, so you have a chance to meet, and dance with, everyone in your class. We've seen great friendships build on the dance floor and rotating partners helps you learn to be a better lead or follow. Private lessons do not need a partner either, you will dance with your instructor (although you are welcome to bring a partner for private lessons). 

Help! I have no rhythm and have never danced before!

NO PROBLEM! Our Salsa Basics classes are designed for the ABSOLUTE beginner. They start with the very basic steps and build up from there. As long as you are willing to try it out, stay positive, and put in some time practicing, there is no reason why anyone with two left feet can't become a fabulous dancer. 

Do I need special shoes?

Nope! You just need shoes that are comfortable with smooth soles that you can move in. Anything besides flip-flops or shoes with super "grippy" bottoms will do just fine. Ladies, you don't have to wear heels. Dancing in heels that aren't designed to be dance shoes can be difficult, so feel free to wear flats, sandals, or boots. If you decide you love dancing and want to invest in some dance shoes, check out local retailers like our neighbors at The Turning Pointe and Mister Don's to get fitted. 

I took Salsa Basics and loved it...what's next?

 After Basics, students progress to Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4. The first three levels repeat every month-- the syllabi "restart" at the beginning of each four-week series. Level 4 covers different intermediate material every month, so once you get there, you can stay as long as you like and always learn something new! 
You're always welcome to repeat a level or take two levels at the same time to make sure you really get the material. 
You can supplement your learning in group classes with private lessons to solidify your technique, get extra practice, and learn new steps and styles. 

I bought a four-week series and missed a day, do my sessions roll over?

Sessions do not roll over for four-week series-- they are monthly memberships that expire within a month of the first class. You can make up a missed date within that month in another equivalent class. IE, if you miss a Monday Salsa Basics class, you can attend the Thursday session. For upper level classes, you can make up in a lower level class. It always helps to review and solidify past material, or you can even try reversing roles in a lower level class (lead if you are normally a follow, follow if you are normally a lead)! If you know you are going to miss one or more days in a month, we recommend you purchase drop-ins or a class card instead of the four-week series membership. 

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes! All of our instructors are available for private lessons. Private lessons are offered Monday-Thursday between 12-8:30 pm and some weekends by appointment. Private lessons are a great way to strengthen your technique, review and refine your steps, and learn new moves and styles. Private lessons are also available for choreography for wedding first dances and other special events.

As always, email info@holycitysalsa.com or call us during office hours, Monday-Thursday 5:30-8 pm at 843.804.9068 if you have additional questions.