How much eye contact should you make when dancing with a partner? 

Just like when you're having a conversation with someone, you want to maintain eye contact. But there are considerations when social dancing, like traffic flow and what the move might call for.

Leads often have to keep an eye out for traffic and make sure that they don't crash into anybody else. And follows, it doesn't hurt to keep an eye out for flying elbows and feet.

 However, leads and follows both have to avoid the "scoping out another dance partner" syndrome. It's no fun to dance with someone who is clearly just looking around the floor for another partner. 

Some moves require a change in will actually make the step easier and make it look nicer if you let your head and eyes move naturally. 

No matter your comfort level with eye contact, don't look at the floor. Nothing but cockroaches down there!

Check out this week's educational video discussing eye contact and comment below with your thoughts!