School's back in session, but the dancing continues! As always, follow the individual organizers of events for more info, including theme nights and special parties. 

Below is a quick and dirty list of non-weekly dance opportunities, scroll down for more comprehensive info on venues and events. 

September 1 Odd Friday Salsa Social @ Elite Dance (Latin Dance with LaQuinn)

September 3 One Year Anniversary Party @ Holy City Salsa

September 8 Return of the Mambo Nights @ Nights of Columbus (Salseros of Charleston/Charleston Latin Dance)

September 15 Odd Friday Salsa Social @ Elite Dance (Latin Dance with LaQuinn)

September 16 Salsa Saturday Social @ Festival Dance Centre (Oui Dance 2)

September 17 Salsa Sunday @ Holy City Salsa

September 22 BONUS Return of the Mambo Nights @ Nights of Columbus (Salseros of Charleston/Charleston Latin Dance)

September 29 Odd Friday Salsa Social @ Elite Dance (Latin Dance with La Quinn)



Havana Nights Charleston

547 King Street


8-9 pm Intro Salsa Lesson

9 pm- midnight Live Latin Jazz with the Gino Castillo Quartet

No cover. Buy drinks to support the venue and the band!

Vibe: A little wild, in a good way! The band is excellent-- but come hydrated because they play really long, really fast songs (average song length: 20 minutes). They take a long break, and during the break, there’s a mix of Salsa and Bachata (of normal lengths and speeds) played over the loudspeaker.

*Parking can be a little bit of an issue downtown, the Visitor’s Center Parking Garage (73 Mary Street) is a few blocks away and charges a flat rate of $5 after 5 pm. Sometimes you can luck out and find a street parking spot, but the garage is nice, well-lit, and an easy walk.


Poblano’s Mexican Cuisine

7575 Rivers Ave, North Charleston


10 pm-2 am

DJ spinning a mix of Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton and Merengue

No cover

Vibe: This is a Mexican restaurant-turned-dance club, so there’s a mix of patrons of the restaurant/bar and actual dancers. It tends to be a small crowd, but very laid back and lots of fun. The kitchen closes at 10 though, so if you want to eat, come early! If there are no Salsa/Bachata dancers there, the DJ will play other types of Latin music, so I recommend getting in touch with other dancers before going. The Holy City Salsa Dance Family on Facebook is a good place to start!


Fridays rotate between multiple venues, it can get a little confusing.

Odd Friday Salsa Social

(1st,3rd, and 5th Friday)

Latin Dance with La Quinn hosts at Elite Dance International,

709 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Suite 200

Mt. Pleasant SC

$10 cover, BYOB.

Intro lesson around 9-9:30 pm, open dancing 10 pm-2 am.

Vibe: The host of this social, La Quinn, is a bundle of energy and the floor is FABULOUS. This tends to be more dancers and less party people, so you’ll usually get in a lot of good dances. Ample parking is a plus!

Upcoming Dates:  September 1, September 15, September 29

The Return of Mambo Nights

2nd Friday

Salseros of Charleston/Charleston Latin Dance hosts at the Knights of Columbus

143 Calhoun Street

$10 cover, there’s a bar at the venue that serves the cheapest drinks in downtown (seriously…$3 for a mixed drink is a steal in Charleston)

Intro lesson 7-8 pm, Open dancing 8-11 pm.

Vibe: The host, Yaenette Dixon, always brings in guest DJs who run the congress circuit, so the music is FIRE. The venue is very cool-- it’s an old building downtown and it has a very vintage feel to it. This is geared toward social dancers-- seasoned and new.

*This is in the heart of downtown and can be tough to find street parking. Hit the Visitor’s Center Parking Garage (73 Mary Street). It’s a few blocks away and is only $5 after 5 pm. It's only a few blocks from the Knights of Columbus. I've also found that parking on Calhoun Street near the Addlestone Library on the CofC campus is a good spot. Also a few blocks walk, but it's quiet and there are always meter spots open. I'm coming from West Ashley, so it's en route for me to just slide into a spot on Calhoun street and walk. And it's free!

Upcoming Dates:  September 8, September 22 (BONUS!!!)



Latin Night with Latin Groove at Sushi Blue

61 State Street

$10 cover


DJ Luigi of Latin Groove (Charleston’s longest running Latin party promoter) spins at this restaurant from 10 pm-2 am.

Vibe: More of a club vibe-- he plays Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggaeton, and some top 40. A lot of people are out partying in the Market Street area on Saturday nights and find their way to Sushi Blue. Good music and fun, though the amount of dancers who attends varies. The restaurant is great, so you can go early and eat.

Latin Night with DJ Leo at Agave’s Cantina

885 Island Park Drive, Daniel Island

10 pm- 1:30 am


DJ Leo spinning mix of Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggaeton, and more.

Ladies get in free, $10 cover.

Vibe: Restaurant turned Latin club. The crowd varies, but the music is usually pretty good.

Saturday Social

Oui Dance 2 Latin Dance hosts at their permanent home, the Festival Dance Centre.

5101 Ashley Phosphate Road Suite 138

North Charleston

8-9 pm Intro Lesson

9 pm-1 am Social dancing

$10/person, BYOB.

Vibe: This is a new venue and it’s got a huge, beautiful floor.

(I haven’t been yet personally so I can’t speak for it, but I’ve heard people have a great time when they go!)

Upcoming dates: September 16


Holy City Salsa Dance Studio

Salsa Sundays

1st and 3rd Sunday of the month

7:30 pm Intro Salsa Lesson

8-11 pm Open Dancing

$10 cover, BYOB

1954 Ashley River Road Suite H

(Behind Rite-Aid off Savage road...use Google Maps or Waze, Apple Maps doesn’t work)

Vibe: Casual/laid a dance studio, so more for dancers than for party-ers.

Upcoming Dates: September 3, September 17