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Behind the scenes...Under the floor


    Dance is great because it's not an activity that requires a lot of "gear." It's pretty simple: you, music, a floor. 

   Having a good floor does make a difference when dancing, especially when you start to get into more complicated moves and multiple turns, or when you're going to be dancing for a long stretch of time. 

 I spent WEEKS researching different flooring options last year before opening Holy City Salsa, and I'm happy with the choice I made. 


  The floor is about a thousand 12"x12" interlocking laminate tiles on top of a vinyl overlay. 

It's a floor that a lot of event rental companies use for portable dance floors, but so far, has been just fine stationary. We have picked up sections of it and taken it to events before, and it's done great. 

It's easy to clean, feels good, looks good, and sounds good. And it's like a giant puzzle made up of a THOUSAND pieces. 

I'll never forget last summer laying the floor in the heat and the dark, before the power was turned on in the space. Many thanks to Jason Torres, Thomas Kenney, and my contractor, Matt Beran, for the help! 

Check out this video to see what the tiles look like and how they work.