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Mastering the Elusive Body Roll

Ahhhh body rolls... if you've seen any Sensual Bachata or Kizomba videos lately, you know that body rolls are kind of a big deal. Whether you're trying to become the next big Bachetero or just feel a little less weird and awkward doing body rolls, check out this video for some step-by-step tips and tricks.

Important things to remember:

-Core, core, core. And more core. Any body isolations come from core strength and control, so make sure that you're really squeezing that stomach when you're working on these. 

-These take time to master. You will not get body rolls in one day. And that is ok. Be patient with yourself and take a few minutes every day to practice. It really pays off!

-Have fun! You'll feel kind of silly doing this, especially if your'e practicing by yourself. But crank up some of your favorite songs (I love this Lounge-Soft House Mix on Spotify for isolation practice) and go for it!

Did this help? How do you practice your body rolls? What other steps and moves are you struggling with? Let me know!