Unleash Your Inner Salsa Star

Everyone has one pent up in there somewhere...a Salsa Star just waiting to come out and take over the dance floor. If that's you, then come on down to Holy City Salsa. We are your home for Salsa dancing in Charleston, SC. We offer all levels of Latin dance classes, from beginners to semi-pro, performance opportunities, and events that bring people together over the love of Latin dance. 

The Latin Dance Floor is one of the few places where you see people of ALL walks of life, and Holy City Salsa is a community of varied individuals who all have one thing in common: dance.

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Meet our Instructors

Georgia Grace

Georgia Grace

Georgia Grace, CEO/Founder, Instructor, Performer

I’m a ballerina gone wild!I have sixteen-plus years of dance experience under my belt, including training at San Francisco Ballet School and the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, performing professionally in the Charleston area, and teaching multiple dance modalities since 2009. I don’t know where my love of Latin dance comes from…maybe it was listening to Gloria Estefan and Santana during Saturday morning chores, or maybe just because Latin music and dance are addicting.I started Salsa dancing in 2010 and fell in love with it, traveling to other cities, states, and countries to follow my passion and having a chance to study under internationally-renowned artists.

Kala Kannisto

Kala Kannisto

Kala Kannisto, Instructor and Perfomer

Kala Kannisto (originally from Columbia, SC) lives by the Baila ConmiG.A. code! As an empowered female she promotes a positive self image through her absolute love, enjoyment and passion for dance. Since the age of 4 Kala has studied, performed or competed many styles of dance including ballet, hip hop, tap, jazz, swing, salsa, bachata and cha cha. She has been lucky enough to perform at Disney World, NYC and most recently, the USS Yorktown. Kala works as an Early Interventionist for infants and toddlers with disabilities and in her free time Kala enjoys creating artwork or social dancing around Charleston.

Kristen Jett

Kristen Jett

Kristen Jett, Instructor and Perfomer

Kristen Jett has been dancing for more than a decade, and has danced and trained from here to California. She has extensive experience in American and International style ballroom, East and West Coast Swing, Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba. She has performed in several local events and venues, including Strings and Salsa at the Charleston Music Hall, the Charleston Latin American Festival, and the Charleston Cinco de Mayo Festival. As a nurse practitioner, she knows that dance is part of a healthy lifestyle and loves leading others to health through Latin dance. 


Richard German, Instructor and Performer

Rich was born in Yonkers NY but raised in Mount Pleasant SC since the age of 4. He has always loved dance and has been a huge fan of Michael Jackson for as long as he can remember. He does not have a formal dance background but found he could always pick up on dances quickly. His musical background includes singing since he was a child through high school. He also played the violin from 5th grade through 8th grade and played guitar in college for fun. He started in the Latin dance scene in the summer of 2011 at Southend Brewery where he later became a bouncer and started taking Latin dance classes around town with different instructors including Calvin, Yanette, Gabe, Shanelle. His favorite dances are Bachata, which was the first one he learned and then he met Kizomba! He has so much love for Salsa but it is a different love than the love I have for Bachata and Kizomba. I love Holy City Salsa and am so thankful for the opportunity to teach and learn here!

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Frasier Block, Instructor

Frasier has enjoyed the love of dance for 10 years in the Charleston area through performing, training, and most importantly, teaching. She has worked with a variety of different dance studios and dance groups to develop a unique way of teaching that helps students hone their natural ability to move and connect. She presents material in an organic way, giving people the skills they need to take their social dancing anywhere in the world and build their confidence to dance with any partner feeling confident and comfortable. Frasier is a professional instructor of not only the Latin Dances, but also many other partner dance styles such as Swing, Shag, and Ballroom. Choreographing wedding dances is also something she truly enjoys. Her primary joy comes from sharing the love of dance and helping to enrich people's lives.



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