Do you want to get good fast? Does the schedule for group lessons not match up with your availability? Would you prefer to learn at your own pace instead of staying with the group? Do you want to only dance with your significant other or partner? Do you do better with one-on-one instruction?

No matter the reason and no matter what level of dancer, private lessons enhance your dancing. 

You get focused, one-on-one attention, you work on the things that you need to work on and you have an opportunity to move as fast or as slow as you want.

We offer private lessons at Holy City Salsa Dance Studio Monday-Thursday from 12 pm-8:30 pm and select weekends by appointment*.  

Private lessons start at $65 for a 45-minute lesson and $85 for a 60-minute lesson. All private lesson pricing is for up to 2 people (the price is TOTAL for the lesson, not per person). Please inquire for large group private lessons and packages. Fill out the form below to make a request for an appointment or call the office at 843.323.8965. 

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*All subject to instructor/studio availability.