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Salsa Basics is offered Mondays at 6:15 pm, Thursdays at 7:30 pm, and Sundays at 4:00 pm.





So you want to learn how to dance Salsa

Maybe you've always been intrigued by the music. You love "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights." You know there's a Salsa star inside of you waiting to get out. You're ready to add some spice to your life. 

You want to do something different. Something invigorating, something exciting, something outside of just work and obligations. You want to do something for you. 

You want to connect. Connect with new people, other cultures, good music, your significant other, or yourself.

That's where we come in. 

Our Salsa Basics classes are designed for the ABSOLUTE beginner to feel comfortable dancing Salsa.

Our instructors take you through the very basic step and then progress through simple turns, footwork, and combinations. 

You do not need a partner, any dance experience, or any fancy shoes.

Just yourself and a willingness to learn. 

Join us at any time! Each class begins with a review of the basics and then goes into new moves. You can stay in the Basics class for as long as you want! Whether it's just one week or months, you'll learn something new and get practice dancing Salsa. Want to sign up? Click HERE, find the class you want and hit BOOK NOW. If you are trying to register a couple, just send an email to with your names and the dates you want to take class and we will register you. Our booking system takes several steps to add a second person and it's a little challenging. Don't fear, if you get stuck JUST EMAIL and we will help you!!!

Four classes/month is $75 per person or $150/couple and the classes expire 30 days after your first visit. You can take whichever classes you want during the month, but we recommend staying in the same level.

If you have a crazy schedule and can't commit to a month, take advantage of one of our class cards. $90 for a 5 class pass that expires 3 months from the first visit or $175 for a 10 class pass that expires 6 months from the first visit.

If you are serious about learning Salsa, become a monthly member! 

Auto-draft rates with a three-month commitment (start at any time!)

$119 for unlimited group classes a month.

All auto-draft members get FREE entrance to our Salsa Sundays at the end of the month.


"I came into Holy City Salsa as a complete beginner with no dance background but I instantly get comfortable in Georgia's classes! Not only do I actually feel comfortable dancing now, but I've managed to make a lot of friends in the process as somebody who had just moved to Chatleston. 

I would highly recommend Holy City Salsa to anyone who's looking to learn how dance! I'm sure you'll have a ton of fun and make all new friends in along the way!"        

-Ryan Chang, Holy City Salsa Student

You're in good hands at Holy City Salsa...our instructors have a combined 50 years of dance experience, and have helped hundreds of people fall in love with Salsa dancing. 

"Great instructors to get you dancing/having fun while learning something new. Even if you have never danced before, the environment is welcoming & non judgemental. I'm hooked !"

-Mia Chaveco, Holy City Salsa Student

How the Holy City Salsa System Works:
We recommend all beginners attend at least a month of Salsa Basics classes to get a rock solid Salsa foundation. The classes stand alone and cover new material every week, so you can hang out in Basics as long as you like. Once you're ready for more of a challenge, join a Level 2/3 class and then when you're a dancing fool, join Level 4 (advanced).

You can supplement your learning in group classes with private lessons to solidify your technique, get extra practice, and learn new steps and styles. 
 Email or call us during office hours, Monday-Thursday 5:30-8 pm at 843.323.8965 for more info!

Got questions? Shoot an email to or call the studio M-Th 5:30-8 pm at 843.323.8965.

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